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    Electric Hot Water System Repair Toowoomba

    It is a sinking feeling, to get into the shower and realise that the hot water is not working. You are faced with a decision: either suck it up and put up with a cold or lukewarm shower or you call an electrician to come repair your electric hot water system

    Signs that you need your hot water system repaired:

    • no hot water at all
    • lukewarm water
    • hot water not lasting very long
    • water is not reliably hot, sometimes only warm
    • water is too hot- scalding is dangerous!
    • water heats slowly meaning you are waiting in the shower for ages before its a good temperature to get it
    • a leak
    • relief valve is leaking larger than normal amount of water
    • the hot water system is making odd noises

    Maybe you are in the early stages of needing your hot water system repaired and have the occasional lukewarm shower or maybe you have no hot water all together, either way it’s time to call your licensed electrician in Toowoomba to find out what the cause of your hot water system failure is and repair it ASAP so you can get on with your busy every day lives!

    Electric Water Heater Installation


    If you’re looking to install a new electric hot water system or replace your existing hot water system then you will need to decide on what type of hot water system you want, the capacity, location and you will need to hire a professional to install it to ensure the warranty and it is installed safely and properly. 

    Electric hot water systems are an economical and user friendly option for most household across Toowoomba. 

    Electric hot water systems use electricity to heat up the water in the tank. They come in a huge variety of sizes and shapes so you will want to know where you will be putting this hot water system, the dimensions or the space, the usage of your household to determine how big you need the hot water system to be. 

    Talk to a licensed electrician about what type of electric hot water system would be best for your home and you will need a licensed electrician to install it for you! 


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