Power Point Installation in Toowoomba

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    Power Point Installation Toowoomba

    Do you find yourself having to run multiple devices off one power point in your home?

    Chances are you are over loading your power point. 

    Many homes in Toowoomba were built with very different electricity demands than the average house hold today.

    We need power points that can power a lamp, charge our laptops and phones, power our speakers and run our pedestal fan. We demand a lot from one or two power points in a room, and often times the power points are only single socket power points!

    If you find yourself frustrating with the inconvenience or even remotely concerned that you are over loading your power point then you need to have more power points installed in your home or office.

    The dangers of over loading your power point:

    • Too many devices placing too much demand for electricity on one power point leading to increased amount of electricity running through the electrical wires, causing increase in heat and deterioration of wires, this could lead to a hazardous electrical emergency in the blink of an eye.
    • This could lead to fires, electric shock and damage to your appliances
    • The solution is to have an electrician install more power points in your property!

    Our power point services include:

    • power point installation
    • moving power points
    • removing and replacing old power points
    • replacing single power points with multi socket power points
    • repair of power sockets that have been over loaded (usually just replaced for safety!)


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    Renovating and power points

    Renovating your home or commercial property in Toowoomba?

    Ask your electrical contractor what they recommend in regards to power point installation, how many and where.

    Power point placement is an important factor to consider, the placement of the wall socket will greately impact accessibility, usability and convenience.

    Consider if you will be leading your property out that there are suffcient and new power points that will keep up with the demand of a family using modern day devices.


    How to know if your power point is over loaded:

    • devices not working when plugged in 
    • circuit keeps turning off 
    • burning smell 
    • burnt looking area around socket 
    • flickering lights 
    • over heated devices and power points

    If you see or smell any of these symptoms, your power points are probably over loaded which means that your demand is too high on your existing power points. 

    Contact an electrician quickly because these ‘symptoms’ can quickly become serious and dangerous problems for you and your family if not dealt with. 

    If you are concerned that your power points might be unable to keep up with your demand, get a licensed electrician to assess your current electrical system in your home or commercial property and get advice whether you need to have more power points installed. 

    power point installation toowoomba

    Dual socket power point in Toowoomba

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