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    Electrical house rewiring in Toowoomba

    Electrical rewiring of a house involves removing old or damaged electrical wires and replacing them with modern, safe wiring with new upgraded safety switches and circuit breakers to protect your home and appliances from electrical fires and the occupants of the home from electric shocks and electrocution.

    Rewiring a house is a big project that requires a lot of planning, resources and time. As a home owner, finding out that you need to require your home may be overwhelming because of the resources it will require.

    You may suspect you need a house rewire because of the below symptoms in your home or maybe you’ve had an electrician recommend this to you, either way, our licensed electricians are happy to discuss with you your concerns, your questions and ultimately help guide you to make a decision that is informed, safe and as cost effective as possible.

    When is a house rewire necessary?

    • older home, above 50years old 
    • burning smell 
    • lights flickering 
    • switchboard keeps tripping 
    • power points failing 
    • damage to wiring due to sparks, fire
    • flood damage

      These are the main reasons why Toowoomba residents require house rewiring. In older homes in our area, some of the electrical wiring has been left intact which means that the modern day electrical requirements can’t be met by your current electrical wiring.
      When you think about it, our modern day electrical needs are VERY different to what they were in previous generations, therefore it is not unusual for residents to realise that they need a more reliable, safer electrical system in their homes.  

    How much does it cost to rewire a house in Toowoomba?

    The rewiring of a house in Toowoomba, or anywhere in Australia is a big project that carries with it significant risk if you try to undertake it yourself. A licensed electrician needs to be the one to provide this house rewiring service to you.

    Being a big job, it will require the electrician to spend significant time on your project and that is typically why rewiring a house is costly.

    Factors that will determine the cost to rewire your home:

    • How big your home is (square meters, how many storeys)
    • Accessiblity to electrical wiring (is your house on stumps, a concrete slab, is the wiring behind walls that will need to be removed?)
    • How many power points your home has
    • How many fixed appliances there are (electric stove top, dishwasher etc)

    An electrician will be able to give you an accurate quote with the above infortmation, they may suggest giving you an onsite quote to make sure that the number you are quoted is realistic and accurate. Contact your local electrician to arrange a free quote on your house rewire in Toowoomba.


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    House rewire: where to begin?

    Get an electrical safety inspection of your home by a licensed electrician to be sure that a house rewire is what you need and that it will address whatever problems you are encounering.

    Contact us to get a quote or book an electrical safety inspection

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