Does it feel like you’ve just paid your electricity bill, only to have another one come along again? The price of electricity and gas has risen significantly in a short period of time, resulting in an increased cost of daily living, which every Australian is impacted by, whether you are a homeowner or renting. Our bills have increased due to changing prices of gas and coal from international markets, making our local energy contractors adjust their market pricing tariffs. With all the price increases and subsequent budget adjustments, it’s easy to feel burdened by the costs that seem to be adding up every day from daily necessities such as lights, appliances, and especially, air conditioning, whether for heating or cooling your home. 

One of the most high-energy consuming appliances is your air-con. We don’t need to convince you that an aircon unit is a must-have for every Queenslander. In this article, we will focus on air-conditioning units, and their usage and discuss practical, money-saving tips for you to save on your electricity bills this season, without compromising on comfort.

Seeing your electricity bill spike up every month is tiring.

Connect to Solar 

Modern problems require modern solutions. Since Queenslanders enjoy and get a lot of sunlight, we don’t have to look far away—the answer is switching to solar energy or offsetting your energy consumption with partial solar energy. More and more Queensland homes enjoy the benefit of switching to a better, environmentally friendly electricity alternative for their appliances, including running their air conditioning unit, whether it be for cooling or heating. But take note that your solar panel watts will depend on your unit’s voltage and capacity. Solar energy offers great potential for everyone. Not only does solar help you save on your electric bill, but it is also a source of clean, renewable energy. Make the most out of the sunshine we get by having the appropriate solar grid fit for your home, installed by a professional. 

Solar repair, maintenance, and panel cleaning are important to be able to work effectively. The more effective your panels are in absorbing sunlight, the more energy you’ll have to offset how much you need from the grid which will reduce your power bill. 

Positioning of your air-con matters 

Did you know that the position and location of your AC unit make a difference in its effectiveness in thermoregulation? Is your unit close to a doorway or window where cool air could be escaping? If your unit is installed in an open-plan space, chances are, you’ll have your cool air momentarily give your room relief but it will quickly escape. It’s harder for an aircon unit to thermoregulate in an open plan space because air will readily escape, as compared to closed-off areas in your home with folding doors. Ideally, an airconditioning unit is placed higher up on the wall as cool air generally sinks and hot air rises, therefore if the AC unit is high up, this will result in more even distribution of cool air. 

Regular servicing

To make things last, you need to take care of them. Air-conditioners require regular, periodic maintenance to run optimally and to get the best bang for your buck. Many people invest in their air conditioners initially but sometimes fail in keeping them clean and running optimally. For your machine to be running effectively, it needs to be cleaned and any blockages in the way of removing warm air, to be removed. This cleaning pertains to both regular and periodic maintenance. Clean the outdoor air compressor, the tubes, and especially the filters. A blocked filter can decrease the effectiveness of the machine significantly as it blocks the airflow, thereby increasing the amount of time it needs to be on to do the same amount of cooling or heating. Not only do you extend the life of your air-con, but you also cut off unnecessary bill surges by regularly maintaining your AC.

Proper positioning is a key factor in getting the most out of your air-con.

Curtains and blinds can support your money-saving efforts

One of the simplest and easiest hacks in regards to using your AC is to use blackout curtains and blinds for your space! It does the job of shutting your space from the heat and light of the sun, helping you decrease your AC usage. Close your windows, close the curtains with opaque or blackout curtains to ensure that the cool air is kept in (in summer) and the hot air is kept out, and the reverse is true for winter. 

Use a fan at the same time 

This is a practical tip that will dramatically improve airflow in your room: use a ceiling fan at the same time. A fan will help the cool air circulate better, therefore making the aircon more effective at cooling the temperature of the room. If you are trying to heat a room, the fan serves the same purpose, circulating the thermoregulated air. The best fan to accompany your AC unit is a ceiling fan. A ceiling fan helps circulate large volumes of air even on a low setting. You increase the thermostat using a fan. As many know, a ceiling fan has its limitations on its own in being able to cool a room, especially in the heat of summer, but paired with an effective air conditioning unit, you’ll be laughing! 

Watch your settings

When it’s a hot day, a cool 16 degrees might sound inviting but consider turning your temperature gauge up to a comfortable but warmer setting, making your aircon need to work less in order to reach that target temperature. Use energy-efficient settings on your remote, and find out how when you ask your electrician during the installation of your unit. By doing this, you optimise the best features of your ac and save up on the electric bill and even repair costs down the drain.

Regulating your AC settings could definitely help you save more.

With these above 6 practical tips, you can enjoy the comfort of an effective, thermoregulating unit, whilst reducing your energy consumption and therefore your electricity bills! 

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