Where can you visit a park which features over 400 species of native plants and trees, has an adventure playground that is suitable for kids of all ages and boasts expansive green lawns with remarkably stunning views of the Bunya Mountains?

Where else but Peacehaven Botanic Park of course! Located just a short 15-minute drive north of Toowoomba’s city centre, or 18 mins from our office located on Ruthven St, Peacehaven Botanic Park is a wonderful spot for the whole family, and a great additional spot to visit for those who are already making their way north of Toowoomba to visit the highly rated Highfields Pioneer Village. Peacehaven Botanic Park is located at 56 Kuhls Rd, Highfields QLD 4352

Here are some of the features of this park that make Peacehaven Botanic Park a local favourite place to visit.

The adventure park

Peacehaven Botanic Park features a nature-inspired adventure playground which offers a world of discovery and play. Children can dig up a dinosaur skeletal remains, climb a massive Crows Ash seed pod, open flood gates, plus do all the things kids love to do like swing, run, slide, jump and play make believe.


The frog pond

The kids are sure to love the frog pond which is also located within the park nearby to the adventure playground. The frog pond has a mixture of cool shady areas in addition to sections which are more exposed to the sun. With large rocks providing an abundance of nooks and crannies it provides a suitable habitat for local frog populations and other native fauna. You can walk around sections of the pond and see a variety of frogs, lizards, insects and birdlife which take refuge at the pond. Plus there are some cool native frog sculptures for the kids to check out there too!

Frog pond at Peacehaven Botanic park Highfields 4352

The lake

The picturesque lake is another popular spot. It is a beautiful focal point that has a viewing platform as well as benches for park users to enjoy the serene setting. This is also another popular spot to sit and view the wildlife. Birdlife is most active in the early mornings and late afternoon when the temperature is cooler.


Breathtaking views

Peacehaven botanic park has a grand rotunda which offers a beautiful space for visitors to enjoy the stunning views to the west. This area is very popular spot for both amateur and professional photographers capturing the setting sun. The beauty of this location lends itself as the perfect backdrop for wedding ceremonies and wedding photography. Note that park bookings are required for weddings, click here for more info.


Extensive gardens

The park covers 4.7 hectares and houses hundreds of rainforest and scrub plant species. It also includes wetlands and open grassland areas. This location also houses rare and endangered plants from South-East Queensland. Park visitors can enjoy the many bird species found in the park, which make for beautiful bird songs. Take a walk through the many wheelchair friendly pathways that meander through the park and gain a newfound appreciation for the natural world.

beatutiful views from Peacehaven Botanic Park

Plant nursey

Friends of Peacehaven Botanic Park manages the native plant nursery and it is open to the public every Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. The nursery stocks many native plants that are not commonly found in general nurseries. The helpful volunteers at the nursery have extensive knowledge of native plants and will be happy to help you select the best plants for your garden. Special projects within the park are funded by the nursery plant sales.


Plenty of facilities

As all good parks do, Peacehaven Botanic Park has plenty of free public BBQ facilities, under cover shelters, and picnic tables making it an excellent place to take a picnic lunch or bring the ingredients to cook up a tasty BBQ.


Peacehaven Botanic Park a wonderful place to visit

The many features of the Peacehaven Botanic Park make it a popular destination for walks, picnics, family gatherings and for youngsters to blow off some steam and kick a ball around or play on the playground equipment. It’s a wonderful place to picnic in the summer, or any time of the year for that matter. It’ll make for a beautiful day out that is sure to please. For other great parks closer to Toowoomba CBD check out Queens Park. The driving directions to Queens park can be found below.

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