Congratulations on taking a big step towards a greener future. You can enjoy all the benefits of your solar system all the while reducing your energy bill AND helping the environment by decreasing the burden of traditional energy consumption. Get the most out of the greener alternative for your home with solar panels. 

These 5 tips will help you get the best return on your investment out of your solar system.

solar panel home roof installation toowoomba
Solar panels are the future of energy sources.
  1. Maximise the sunshine hours 

Toowoomba is blessed to enjoy excessive sunshine levels, enough to power an average-sized family home, even on winter days. Choose smarter appliances for your home to get the most out of this gift. This means that the power your devices use will be solar rather than from the grid. Group your appliances according to their electricity capacity. For devices that can wait such as dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers, plan the housework or make use of delayed start settings to help you use more solar. If it is possible, use one appliance at a time to save more power and avoid overloading. Consider this tip in using your air conditioner or heater most during sunshine hours to utilise the sun’s rays in powering your thermoregulation.

  1. Consider purchasing a battery to store your energy. 

Because unless you have a battery source, the unused solar power will go back to the grid, meaning that you won’t get to maximise the benefit from it, if you buy energy back, it is more expensive. With a battery source, solar energy can be used any time of the day, including in the evenings. Helpful in suboptimal conditions, a solar battery source is your backup on rainy or cloudy days, nighttime, blackouts, and everything in between. Solar panels only generate when there is electricity—by storing energy, your solar system becomes free from limitations. With the help of a battery, you can embrace independence and self-sufficiency, by not relying on the grid for your energy. Your local Toowoomba electrician can help you set up a battery for your solar panel. 

  1. Clean your solar panels

Your solar panels won’t be able to absorb as much sunshine if there is a layer of dirt and mildew on them. Think of it like wearing glasses, you can’t see clearly ahead with fingerprint marks or grime on your frame. Maintaining your solar panels will help them function better continuously. You want your panels to see clearly so that they absorb the maximum amount of sunlight, you don’t want them to be wearing sunglasses! The presence of leaves, dust, debris and even bird droppings could lead to nasty irreversible issues down the line such as the protective layer deteriorating faster than expected. Stray away from placing your panels underneath a cool, shady area. Always abide by your panel’s manufacturer guide. Some clean their own panels, but to ensure the total worry-free cleaning of a sensitive item such as a panel, it’s best to seek the services of professionals to maintain your solar panels as being on your roof can be a dangerous task if you don’t have the right equipment. Invest in solar panel repairs as needed and maintenance and cleaning every 6 to 12 months. Cleaning your panels ensure that you get as much light as possible. 

cleaning solar panel home toowoomba
To get the optimum performance of your solar panels, maintenance is the key.
  1. Become app-friendly 

Since most of us are wired nowadays, connectivity and efficiency are not an issue now! There are many apps to choose from when it comes to solar energy in Australia. Choose an app, learn how helpful this piece of technology can be in showing you how to USE your solar panels to their potential. Apps will show you the best time to use power, how your usage tracks, and ways to improve your consumption. Some of the most popular eco-friendly apps are the EMA (Energy Monitoring & Analysis App) App, MySolar Edge, Enphase, and Fronius Solar.Web. This way, you keep track of your consumption even while on the go!

  1. Upgrade your light bulbs and appliances 

Although not directly related to your solar panels, your energy consumption will be improved if you have lightbulbs and devices that are energy efficient. More and more devices and appliances shift to available greener power choices. A simple change from incandescent light bulbs to LED lights will save you money in the long run. More aesthetically appealing smart devices that would complement your home are also making their appearance in the market. Changing appliances to more energy-efficient ones will also save energy and water and will often have a better result than older, dated appliances, it might be time to upgrade!

sunlight solar panel installation home toowoomba
Solar panels are the ultimate investment: they are savings and environmental contributions rolled into one.

The Last Say
Since you have now decided to make the green shift for your home—starting by investing in a good quality solar panel fit for your home’s requirements—you have to ensure you’re that it’s working to its optimum power, not only to cut down electricity costs but to get your bucks’ worth. Investing in a solar panel is a gift that keeps on giving! Through these easy-to-follow tips, maintaining your panel is not an impossible task anymore. Becoming a wiser solar panel user will definitely give you more years to enjoy your panel in tip-top shape.

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