Keeping up with Queensland legislature and safety laws is a must for all homeowners and real estate agents.

With new smoke alarm laws, you’ll want to know if you need to replace or upgrade your smoke alarm system. Here’s what you need to know to keep up with fire safety and save lives.


Protect your Family & Keep Your Home Up to Code: New Queensland Smoke Alarm Laws


Keeping up with the latest in-home safety systems is important, especially when it comes to fire safety.

In an attempt to improve fire safety within everyday homes and save valuable lives, the Queensland Government has commenced a roll-out of new legislation hoping to have fire safety systems in all domestic dwellings by 2027.

Whether for Real Estate purposes, or whether for your own family home, here’s what you need to know about upgrading your smoke alarm system.

Most homes around the globe have made use of ionized smoke alarm systems, however, these can be slow to react and cost valuable time in saving lives.

New Queensland smoke alarm legislation requires homes to install a photoelectric system.

Here’s a quick guide on what you need to know:

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Smoke Alarm Laws for Domestic Dwellings


Whether homeowners, landlords or real estate agents who are selling property, everyone will need to ensure domestic dwellings follow the National Construction Code (formerly known as the Building Code of Australia).

In line with this code, homes need to have:   

  • Photoelectric smoke alarm systems
    (AS 3786-2014)

  • No systems with the old ionisation sensor alarms.
  • Alarm systems which are hardwired by a main power system.
  • Alarm systems must have a hardwire 10-year battery as a secondary power source.
  • Smoke alarm systems which are interconnected throughout the dwelling.


Smoke alarm systems will need to be placed in:

  • Each storey of the dwelling.
  • Each bedroom within the dwelling.
  • Any and all interconnecting hallways between bedrooms.
  • Should a storey be without a bedroom, systems must be placed in the most likely travel path.


For Sellers & Real Estate Agents

Any and all sellers will be required to keep up with Australian standards before the sale. Existing smoke alarm systems will need to be replaced with hardwired photoelectric smoke alarm systems.

 Sellers will need to lodge a Form 24 with the Queensland Registry Office to prove the meeting of requirements and safety standards.

As a landlord, you will be required to test the system within 30 days into the dwelling.

This is quite easily done and does not need to be handled by a professional.


Installation and Maintenance of your Smoke Alarm Systems


Some real estate agents will outsource the installation and maintenance of smoke alarm systems to a professional electrician.

When using a licensed smoke alarm installer, you can receive a certificate of compliance. While this is not a necessity, it always looks good to have one.


Why Photoelectric Smoke Alarm Systems?

These systems are far more reliable and responsive than the usual ionized smoke alarm systems.

Photoelectric smoke alarm systems have a light emitting diode and a light sensitive sensor. In the event of a fire, the smoke particles would disrupt the light sensor, triggering the alarm.

Moreover, because you are able to interconnect your system, when one alarm is triggered, all other systems will also sound the alarm.

This means greater awareness and far quicker response times, saving lives.

While the new legislature is being rolled out over the next ten years, you can make sure all your smoke alarm systems are up to date today.

Professional installers are able to assist with expert advice and ensure your smoke alarm systems are fully up to code.

Last year, 173 people lost their lives and 2055 homes were destroyed due to fires in Australia.

A swifter response time can save valuable, life-saving seconds and photoelectric alarm systems ensure your whole family can escape safely should they need to.

Keep your home up to code and keep your family safe.

smoke alarm installation Toowoomba
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