The Transport and Main Roads Heritage Museum in Wilsonton Queensland is a unique educational facility for history buffs and those keen to learn about the development of road transport in Queensland. This museum is a must-see for road and transportation fans. The interactive exhibits are a highlight. The museum also features a permanent exhibition on the history of road and bridge construction. Its address is 2/22 Mutze St, Wilsonton QLD 4350.

Here’s the driving directions to the Museum from our downtown office.

The only road building museum in Australia

The Transport and Main Roads Heritage Museum is the only dedicated road building museum in Australia. It offers a unique perspective on the history of road building in Queensland throughout the early settlement years right through to the modern day.  

Step back into history and discover how life was like working on the roads in those early days. Read diaries and listen to the stories of those who endured the harsh climate and difficult working conditions labouring to construct new roads joining cities and towns. There are many 1st hand records of daily life in the camps including one of a young boy who worked tirelessly alongside the men, and of woman’s first impressions upon arriving at the camps.

Woman's account of life in the road building camps - Transport and main roads heritage Museum Toowoomba

Learn about how road building progressed over time and improvements were made to road design and construction thanks to a better understanding of the unique climatic conditions in addition to advancing technologies making road building faster and more efficient.

Admire the sophisticated modern plant and equipment you see on roads today. For those who love machinery you’ll love seeing the fully maintained road building equipment and vehicles they have on display. 

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Great for kids too!

This unique transport and history museum is a great place for families to learn about the road building throughout history. The collection includes a children’s interactive trail which feature cartoon characters that explain what goes into making that “black stuff” on the roads, satisfying their curiosity. Additionally, children can marvel at the fully maintained vehicles, and equipment that was used in the building of roads in the past and even modern equipment and vehicles too.


Transport and Main Roads Heirtage Musuem, Wilsonton 4350 QLD

Discover the Transport and Main Roads Heritage Centre

Located just opposite Toowoomba airport the museum is situated at 2-22 Mutze St, Wilsonton QLD 4350. The museum is open by appointment weekdays from 10am to 4pm. You can call them on 07 4633 2506 to make an booking for yourself, your family or a group. Or give them a call to ask about the museum’s displays and activities. Admission is $2 per person (cash only).


Be sure to check it out

While you’re in town, you can visit the Transport and Main Roads Heritage Centre. The Transport and Motorways Museum is a great place for families to visit with children, as it contains a collection of relics of the town’s road history. It is a great place to take a family outing or just spend some quality time with your family. To get more information about the museum, call them on 07 4633 2506, or visit their website. You can also view a map of the museum (see below) and see where it is located.

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