3 Reasons to Consult an Air Conditioning Specialist Before Your Home Renovation

Before launching into a home renovation, there is a lot of planning that needs to be considered. Depending on your renovation’s scope, you may have to enlist the help of several tradespeople. Among the list of tradies, you’ll want to consider hiring an electrician in Toowoomba and air conditioning specialist. This is because all electrical work, including air conditioning installation, should form part of the overall renovation plan.

Let’s take a look at three reasons you should consult an air conditioning expert prior to renovating your home.

Get the right sizing and system design for your home

Layout changes are common in many home renovations whether it’s removing a partition wall to create a more open-plan living space or adding additional walls to create a home office or extra bedroom. One often overlooked aspect of such layout changes is the impact it has on the volume of airspace and the changes it places on the air conditioning system. Whenever such changes are made it impacts the suitability of the current air conditioning system. You may realise that the current system is no longer capable of heating or cooling a larger space. Therefore getting an air conditioning specialist to provide input on your renovation plans can help make sure your air conditioning system will be suitable to the new proposed layout of your home. 

If your new layout is not suitable for the new design then it’s important to consider upgrading your air conditioning system. By consulting with an air conditioning specialist you can get tailored advice on the most energy-efficient and cost-effective air conditioning solutions based on your new outlay and also your lifestyle factors. For example, you may find that if you only use your bedrooms for sleeping then perhaps a larger split system is all that’s required. However, if you spend a considerable time in different rooms of your house, like in a home office or home gym then having a ducted system might be a more suitable solution to maintain a comfortable home environment and save on your energy bills.

installation is easier during renovation

Installation is easier during a renovation

Because you’re already doing construction work, you have a unique opportunity that other homeowners don’t. You might like to consider ducted air conditioning or multi-split systems with units in several rooms. Installing these systems is more complex and time-consuming in a fully-built home because access to areas such as the floor, roof cavity and walls are mostly blocked off. 

When you renovate, there’s every chance that walls, ceilings and even floors might be exposed at certain times. If you consult an air conditioning specialist early, they can determine the most convenient stage of the renovation to install your new system. Easier installation means less labour, and therefore, lower costs.

ensure electrical systems are safe

Ensure electrical systems are safe & future-ready

While not specifically related to air-conditioning, if your AC specialist is a licensed electrician, they can also check the rest of your electrical system during the planning stages. These checks are vital for the safety of you and all the contractors you work on your home, but they also help you identify possible future issues that may arise.

Their input can provide you with critical information you need to make an informed decision, helping you future-proof your home and make sure that its electrical system will be adequate for decades after the renovation. For example, if your switchboard is old and contains the old system of fuses instead of circuit breakers and safety switches then you may wish to use the renovation as the time to upgrade it. Depending on the scope of your renovations you may also be advised to conduct house rewiring too, as such an extensive procedure is most convenient when your property is already a construction site and demolition works are already being conducted. 

Ultimately, any significant renovation benefits from an experienced electrician being involved in the initial planning stage. 

consult with an airconditiong specialist

Always consult an air conditioning service before renovations

Ultimately, your home renovation will be so much more successful if you plan ahead. If you want the most efficient heating and cooling for your home, an air conditioning expert is crucial to your planning. Consulting an electrician in Toowoomba early in the planning stage can ensure maximum comfort and liveability, while also saving you plenty of money down the track.

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